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My Anthem

Posted on the 03 June 2011 by Juliez

I won’t follow your conventions; I’ll lead my own way,

And I will refuse to listen to those that say nay,

I’ll speak my mind and do whatever I like,

Whether you think I am wrong or right,

For who are you to judge me or the things I do,

When you have barely spoken to me for a second or two?

I’ll welcome your friendship with open arms,

Yes I’m kind and cool, don’t be alarmed!

But the day you treat me like dirt on the floor,

You’ll sling your hook, and there’s the door!

I am a person of value and high esteem,

No matter how anyone else tries to make me seem.

Bash me and bruise me if you dare,

I’ll still trust my convictions sans any care,

It’s pure and simple and crystal clear,

You live your life in complete fear,

I have learned to love myself despite my shortcomings,

And to live with bliss and glee, no matter what is forthcoming,

To cherish what puts a smile on my face and wakes me up everyday,

No matter how daft or who stands in my way.

I decide how I live and I choose my friends,

The type that will love me with no conditions and to no end,

For I am not dispensable to this earth,

I, like every other, has something to give in return.

So take this world by the neck and exploit it to the fullest,

And that way, to yourself, you will be honest.

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