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My Ambition

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

I Am And Have Always Been Very Ambitious. I Have An Uncontrollable Fire That Burns Intensely Inside Of Me.

I Am Full Of Reasonable Optimism But Far From Naive. I Do Believe That Anything Is “Possible” And Nobody Knows That Better Than Me As I Have Experienced The “Incredible”.

When You Have True Faith And Are Open To New Ideas And Unconventionality There Is No Limit To What One Can Achieve. And As A Spiritual Person With Experience And Perseverance I Can Attest To That.

My Bubbly Nature (High-Spirited Attitude) Has Allowed Me To Approach Life With Excitement. A Great Enthusiasm To Conquer Whatever May Stand In My Way, To Challenge Myself, To Discover And Explore, To Expand And Create, To Be All That I Can Be And Accomplish.

I Love Powerful “Momentous” Things That Provoke Change And Stimulate Improvement. I Like To Analyze And Exchange Ideas/Perspectives, And Thoroughly Evaluate Circumstances.

I Am In Connection With The Universe And Just Have That Continuous Zest.

My Spiritual Nature Undoubtedly Accounts For Most Of My Inspiration And Motivation As “Energy” Is A Positive Generator Of Productive Activity.

Sometimes Our Spirit Leads Us Into Opportunities And Destinations Before We Ourselves Become Fully Aware Of What We Are Suppose To Do Or Where We Are Suppose To Go (And Be).

The Most Vital Things In Life Is To Love And Respect Yourself. To Be True To Yourself. To Believe In Yourself And To Not Sell Yourself Short By Not At Least Endeavoring To Make The Great Efforts Of Attaining A Well Deserved And Fulfilling Goal.

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