My 3 Fictional Characters

Posted on the 26 September 2016 by Krickeyb

I am sure you have all seen the memes being posted that encourage you to “describe yourself in 3 fictional characters.” Obviously, this was something I HAD to participate in because it is all in good fun! I shared this on Facebook this afternoon and felt it would be a different blog post, too! Let’s get started.

First on my 3 Fictional Characters list is DW from the show Arthur. Did you ever watch that show? It was/is one of my all time favorites! Here are a few things DW and I have in common:

  1. We both have an older brother.
  2. We love our older brother dearly, but also love to give him a hard time.
  3. If you do us wrong… we will never forget it.
  4. We aren’t afraid to put people in their place.
  5. We will not tolerate things (or people) that bother us.

There are many more similarities between us, but I have to move on to my next fictional character. As you can see from the photo shared above, my next character is Katniss Everdeen. If you don’t know Katniss, I urge you to stop reading this post RIGHT NOW and go get The Hunger Games (novel, not the movie). First, read the books, then watch the movies. Go on! For those of you hip to who I am talking about you may be asking, “What do Katniss and Kristin have in common?” I am glad you asked:

  1. Much like DW, Katniss and I don’t take S*** from anyone.
  2. We are resilient! (Thanks to my bestie, Tor, for pointing this one out to me.)
  3. We will do anything for our family.
  4. We are brave when we need to be.
  5. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, do you know what that means?

Katniss is the ultimate woman. But so is another amazing woman/fictional character… LESLIE KNOPE! My last, but far from least, fictional character is the one and only Leslie Knope. From the hit show Parks & Rec, Leslie is by far one of the funniest, strongest, and caring characters I have ever seen on a television show. Those qualities, and more, describe Leslie and me. Let’s list them:

  1. We have a tendency to be dramatic.
  2. We would do anything for our amazing friends who we love so much.
  3. We LOVE waffles. Ugh I want some right now.
  4. We are pretty dorky, funny, weird… whatever you wanna call it.

Thank goodness for amazing women, am I right? I am so grateful to live in a time where women are (sometimes) appreciated, loved, and treasured. Even though we have a long way to go, it sure is awesome to know that I can proudly describe myself with three INCREDIBLE fictional characters.

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