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Must-Have Items Every Bride Needs for Her Reception Tables

By Weddingblog2011

Your reception tables are in many ways the focal points of your wedding reception, so style, personality, and function are a must! Check out these must-have items that every bride needs for her reception tables.

Your reception table decor and arrangement will most likely be designed while working with your wedding coordinator or florist, but there are still a few must-have items that every bride needs for her reception tables. Even if you have help picking out these items, you might need to add your own touch of personality to them. You will also need to relay that information to your wedding planner to make sure you achieve the ambience you have in mind for your reception. You will especially want to arrange for these items to be placed on your reception tables if you are planning the wedding yourself or have limited help.

The following are must-have items that every bride needs for her reception tables:

Special Floral Arrangements—Floral arrangements are a given, but you’ll want to place an arrangement on each table that represents your unique style and personality. You’ll also want it to reflect the theme and tone of your wedding decor. Are you an eco-conscious bride? Consider bamboo arrangements. Do you have a classic fairytale theme that runs throughout your ceremony and reception decor? Consider classic, romantic red rose arrangements. Be sure each table has a focal piece—this is where floral arrangements come in.

Wedding Favors—Wedding favors are great tokens of appreciation for your guests, but they also dress up your place settings and make your reception tables look instantly more stylish and interesting. Consider place cards, which are multifunctional. They’ll designate specific seats for your guests and decorate your tables at the same time.

Fun Extras—Extras aren’t mandatory, but they are must-haves if you want to spice up your tables and make them more appealing to your guests. After all, they will be sitting at these tables for quite a while. Consider providing disposable cameras, gourmet sweets, and more. Get creative, but make sure your extras don’t overpower or crowd your tables. These are some basic must-have items every bride needs for her reception tables.

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