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Must-have Device for Every Driver

By Kencoul

If you look for a reliable and effective way to jump start your car, this article will be very useful for you. A jump starter charges a vehicle's battery as well as power smartphones, laptops, tablets, kindle electronic books, and other devices.

To choose high-quality units that will suit a battery and provide a great power, you should know about two details.

Must-have device for every driver

Some starters come as jump boxes and some are plug-in units. Jump boxes are usually sealed and have jumper cables attached to them while plug-in units are basically battery chargers that deliver the burst of amperage.

Both plug-in jump starters and portable units have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it is best to look at the review e prepared for you and find out about products' characteristics.

Choose the unit that suits your budget and provides enough power. We have selected some of the best models on the market that are completely safe, portable, lightweight, and easy in maintenance.

Review and comparison of 5 top jumper cables for your car and electronic devices of 2017

This is one of the best jumper cables that is portable and provides a great power. It is able to starts ALL gas or up to 4.5L diesel engines up to 30 times on a single charge with 800A peak current and heavy duty jumper cables. It has 19800 mah of battery capacity.

The starter provides sufficient power to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, kindle, and more devices. The unit features more than 5 levels of advanced safety technology including reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection.

It is also 100% safe in use and can be a good gift for anyone. The device requires one lithium polymer battery.

Stand out features:
  • Lightweight only 2.8 pounds
  • Easily charges smartphones, tablets, laptops, kindle, and other devices
  • Great accident protection - five levels
  • Provides great power
  • The product includes a jumper cable, adaptor, car charger, and USB cable
  • Compact size

Review the product and find out more about its features and maintenance watching the video below

This is a super durable and safe in use peak amp emergency jump starter that provides enough power to boost most passenger vehicles on the road. It was tested and proved that the starter can boost a 6.0L Cadillac. The unit has dual power tips with an upgraded 8 gauge cable.

This is a great feature as long as most products on the market are features with only single tips. This jump boost comes with USB and laptop charging from 2 high power, USB ports and 1 laptop port, includes 3-IN-1 USB cable with new USB-C, lightning and micro USB.

Also, the product is featured with ultra-bright LED flashlight with steady on, strobe and SOS modes for additional safety, protection, and convenience. Rugged Geek is a famous and reliable manufacturer and developer of portable jump starters and other technology accessories of the highest quality.

Stand out features:

This is an affordable, portable, and reliable 900 amp jump starter that easily pumps up tires and inflating rafts, balls, air mattresses and other misc items. The starter is featured with a reverse polarity warning light and beep signal in order to help prevent damaging unit or a battery.

There are three LED battery level indicators that tell you how much power is left. There is an automatic shut-off that prevents a battery being overcharged. There are on/off safety switch for jumper cables and equipped with 12 Volt, 12AH sealed lead acid battery.

The starter also comes with 24″ inflator hose. The unit's cables and clamps are very strong. The provided power is consistent and suits most users. The system works withprovided on the majority of vehicles.

The product cannot be called the fastest but it provides a quality performance and pretty safe.

Stand out features:

Check out how the starter looks and works watching the video below

This is a super durable and long-lasting jump starter with 1 gauge 25Ft booster battery cables that allow boosting a battery from behind a vehicle. The started is made of copper clad aluminum that ensures its reliability. The unit is suitable for top and side post batteries.

Tangle-free cables with some of the best jumper cable ends remain flexible even at -40°C which is excellent if you have to restart your vehicle during extreme weaher condition. The ables are coated with the special material that guarantees their reliability.

There are 800A heavy duty professional grade clamps that will serve you in any weather condition. This heavy duty jump startes is suits all types of vehicles even plus size truckes. Overall. This is one of the best findings for restarting any type of vehicle for a fair price.

Stand out features:

This is a popular and recommended 2000 amp jump starter that has a compact design and can be easily transported. The starter is very powerful and guarantees up to 40 jump starts on a single charge.

Its ultra-safe and mistake-proof design with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection allow to connect the started to any battery 100% safely. The product has ultra-bright 400 lumens LED flashlight with 7 light modes, including SOS and emergency strobe.

This very model is rechargeable from any USB-powered port. Feel confident to use the starter not only with vehicles but with smartphones, tablets, and plus power 12-volt devices. The starter was designed for cars, boats, RVs, trucks with gas engines up to 8 liters, and diesel engines up to 6 liters.

NOCO designs and creates premium consumer battery chargers, jump starters, solar panels, and portable power devices as well as a wide range related battery products and accessories since 1914.

Stand out features:

We have chosen those 5 jump starters because they meet almost all requirements that most customers have. Also, we made sure that those units come at reasonable and affordable price and worth their quality. Hopefully, you enjoyed the review and ready to choose the right booster for your car and other electronic devices.

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