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Musical Interlude

By The_woodlouse @the_woodlouse
Our designer is starting the build of his own strawbale home this month, and I'm waiting for various people to get back to me with information about different materials or kit, and in between massage work I've been wearing my music hat for a bit.  So instead of going into details of how if you insulate a wall internally too well, you increase the chances of condensation (and mould, rot etc.) at the point where the insulation meets the wall (one of the infuriating potential problems I'm waiting for technical advice on - it would be so much easier if the planners would let us wrap the entire building in straw, but I do see their point) - here's a musical interlude.
These tracks (and more) are on Soundcloud (, a wonderful website for sharing music and getting feedback, hearing other people's weird and wonderful music that you wouldn't otherwise get to hear, and collaborating with complete strangers on other land masses that you will probably never meet.  It's great. The first track is such a collaboration - my accompaniment to a vocal-only track posted by a lady from Boston called Tea Leigh, asking for people to do something with it.  The second is all mine, a bit of electric mandolinery.
Chopstix (Tea Leigh/Bicipital Groove) by Bicipital Groove
Tears Before Bedtime (updated) by Bicipital Groove

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