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Musical Chairs on the Right Upset the Voters

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

People are very angry at the new united party of the right wing religious sector, though I am not sure I understand what happened that was so bad.
Habayit Hayehudi led by Rav Rafi Peretz made a deal with Otzma Yehudit to run together. Smotritch and Ichud Leumi then went to Bennett and Yamina to try to make a deal to run together, and they figured it out. So, there were then two parties, each made up of a union of two parties, and all was good. It seemed like both would easily pass the threshold and no votes would be wasted.
Somehow that was not good enough and people were pushing the two to unite, putting all four together. I am not sure why this was necessary. Bennett refused to consider bringing Otzma Yehudit into his party, so he began talking to Peretz but only about Habayit Hayehudi joining Yamina, leaving Otzma behind. Other people got involved and put a lot of pressure on Peretz, and int he end he decided to make a deal with Bennett, joining Habayit Hayehudi with Yamina, leaving tzma out. So now there is one party made up of 3 parties together, and another party by itself that likely does not have enough to pass the threshold on its own.
This entire exercise seems like a bad idea to me, but the pressure was on front he start and that's what the parties decided the people wanted.
So now many are upset at Peretz for going back on his word and abandoning his deal with Otzma. I don't see it as such a big deal, sorry as it is to have happened, but many are saying this is the end of Peretz's political career and he can no longer be trusted. Others are upset at Bennett, though I have no idea for what. He did not do anything except join with other parties to ensure votes are not wasted. Bennett did not break any deals, Peretz did.
If anybody can explain to me what each party did wrong that was so bad, so bad that it makes these parties not worth voting for, I would appreciate it.
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