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Music of Lingerie Is the Beginning of Trouble - A Short Story

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

A short story on how a lingerie can change your life

A small purchase of a lingerie on laptop from online story created a big trouble

The technology of online study of user behavior is a trouble maker

Who said men can’t be daring enough to search online? The man is a searching creeper right since the beginning. You search something, you get. You start searching something else. You get something else. And the hunt goes on. It never ends. The man never understands what a particular search meant for. The search goes untiringly. There is no end to the determination. This is a story of how a small search online empowered technology to blackmail me thereafter. The music of a lingerie can be so costly and long lasting, I never anticipated. I am not a good anticipator that means. I can’t judge the album by its cover. I can’t estimate the gravity of an action viz a viz its reaction. I can’t estimate the echoing of music and it’s long lasting thrills.

Music of Lingerie Is the Beginning of Trouble - A Short Story

Photo credit: Willow Zander via / CC BY-NC-SA

Well, I tried to be a Robinhood for my wife. She wanted to go to the market and I told her to let me help her buying her required clothing accessories online. She agreed. And that was the beginning of a conspiracy against me. Technology is the culprit that was conspiring against me. I was not at all aware of it. I was never alarmed by any indication or sign. I opened my laptop and started searching for the accessories she wanted. It zeroed down to an online store. The product was selected and order was placed. The product reached in next 9-10 days. The story does not end here. It is not a happy ending. It is the day when I ordered that I landed myself into a big trouble. I use chrome browser mostly. Even if the laptops vary, from home to office, the browser remains same. IT is the technology of location-based user behavior study that played a prank with me. The search and purchase of a lingerie can land a man into a big trouble, sometimes.
The chrome browser captured my behaviour, even if it was a one-time act. It registered in its mind that I am a big fan of lingeries. It also registered that I am a fan of lingeries from a particular online store. The store is already registered with Google Adwords for online display of its ads. The store is not only registered with Google but also with most of the prominent online social media platforms. The painful story starts here.

Music of Lingerie Is the Beginning of Trouble - A Short Story

Photo credit: needoll {away} via / CC BY-NC-ND

I reached office next morning . My subordinate came to me seeking some help. I immedialtely accepted her offer and jumped into my browser to search and suggest the possible solution to her from online knowledge store. The moment I opened Google search on my Chrome browser, the side ad opened enchanting lingeries. Her eyes widened and she said – “So Boss, this is what you do in your leisure time?”. I was stunned.
The same thing happened in my Boss’ room when I wanted to give him some reference from LinkedIn and Facebook. Both the pages on the side had the same/similar ads promoting lingeries. Although he didn’t say anything but I could understand his keen observation in his eyes and satiric smile on his face.  Truly, a lingerie can change your life. Music of lingerie started a big trouble for me, a long lasting one. 
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