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Music Of Life

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

The music of life plays as you let it play for you

Play a music that is best of all so that you dance to your own music

Create life on your canvas to listen to the music of life

Do you dance to someone else's music? Or you create your own music? Do you dance even when you don't feel like? Do you love your life? Do you build every moment of it loveable? Let us talk about creating your own music of love. Let us understand what exactly is the music of life.

Music Of Life

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Do you speak out loudly when it is required? The first thing to understand is to speak out when it is required. Silence has its value but you lose your value when you don't speak when it is required. Understand the tone of the moment. Learn to grip every moment of your life and play it as per your own wish. Remember not to live your life on your own terms. Keeping mom at times may cost you heavily at a very high cost with a long lasting impact. Keep in mind that a moment gone never comes back. Gone moments are gone forever.

Music Of Life

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Build your memories in such a fashion that they become your valuable assets of life. Good memories are always to keep intact. They are the creator of immense value in your life. Read good books. Meet new people. Make friends. Respect everyone. There is always a learning in every passing moment of life. Learn and grow. Build a pile of good memories, good friends, good books and great learning. Even the smallest entity in your life has a lot in store to teach you something new. Keep learning something new consistently. Be considerate. Pray on a regular basis. Pay your debts before time. Do good to others. Never ask for a favor in return if doing good to someone.

Music Of Life

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Love nature. Respect nature and be thankful for nature all the time. Be bold. Be beautiful by heart. Create your own music of life. Dance to your own tunes. Never do something you have to repent later. Pay value of reach issuing moment in right fashion. Live fearlessly. Stay tuned to yourself all the time. Never keep money on top of your priorities. That is how you create music of life. Never underestimate yourself. Consider life as a balance sheet. Never stay in debt. Give more than to life than you demand from life. It is always better to stay green on a balance sheet rather than getting into the red. Your net score should always be in plus. Live your life to the fullest. Let you be an example for others. Be a mentor. Let others learn from your deeds so that not much words are required to preach. Be an example for others. Let life cherish you and credit you for all your deeds. Let life add its tunes to your music. Let life play your music

Music Of Life

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