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Music Inspired Kids' Room ..a Room Tour

By Kinderpendent
music inspired kids' room ..a room tour
The spring cleaning continues! (though it seems that I clean one room, and it is a matter of minutes before the mess returns. ohh, the joys of having 3 little tornadoes behind every step I take!) In any event, I thought I'd share a bit of another room, this being the boys' room! My husband is a musician, which inspired their very musical room.
We mounted a real xylophone to the wall, and turned some drum sticks into a mobile (didn't you know.. you can turn anything in a mobile!). We used an old amp as a night stand, and they even have a real snare drum in there (courtesy of their uncle, who played drums in school for a bit). And when they aren't making their own music in there, they are usually found LISTENING to music. Their current obsession is Michael Buble's rendition of Spiderman. (I like it too.)
music inspired kids' room ..a room tour
Don't worry, I'll be back with lots of art-inspired goodness soon! I see the light at the end of the tunnel (if I squint), and I do believe the cleaning will be done with shortly. (in other words, I'm about to call it quits & grab a paint brush.)

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