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Museum Review: China National Film Museum in Beijing

By Kei Lam (thetravelphilosophy.blogspot.hk)

Museum Review: China National Film Museum in Beijing
Museum Review: China National Film Museum in BeijingLacking the freedom of speech and other human rights, the China's film industry is less developed than others considering both content and form of film as art. Whilst it is debatable if art should have absolutely no limits, the art scene will definitely be suppressed when every idea is censored by the central authority and probably the artists themselves as well. That said, the works of art being born in this way is by no means devalued; they are still detailed accounts of individuals' thoughts and ideas which are expressed through an array of artistic vehicles - films are no exceptions.
The China National Film Museum (CNFM) is located in a relatively remote area, adjacent to the 798 Art Area, in the northeastern Beijing. The best is to set aside one day for visiting 798 Art Area and CNFM in your itinerary. The gigantic museum features a fine collection of displays pertaining to the China's film industry, and as many as twenty themes in their exhibition halls:
Museum Review: China National Film Museum in Beijing1. The Invention of Film
2. The Birth of Chinese Film and Its Early Development
3. Chinese Film during the Revolutionary War Period
4. The Establishment and Development of Cinema in New China
5. Chinese Cinema in the New Age of Reform and Opening-up
6. Animated Film
7. Children’s Film
8. Science and Education Film, Dubbed Film, News and Documentary Film
9. The Films of Hong Kong and Macao
10. The Film of Taiwan
Museum Review: China National Film Museum in Beijing11. Film Shooting
12. Film Art Directing
13. Special Cinematography
14. Conventional Film Special Effects
15. Digital Film Special Effects
16. Film Sound Recording
17. Film Editing
18. Film Processing
19. Film Animation
20. The Variety of Films
Some movie scenes and sets are constructed so that visitors may engender a pleasant illusion of being in the film. Also, CNFM houses 3 theaters - IMAX, Digital and 35mm. Getting a glimpse of the history and characteristics of the Chinese cinema, one could learn more about the Chinese culture and how they represent themselves in filmic representations in a wide array of genres. "Red" movies are very noteworthy if you are interested in the mindset of the people living in the era of the rise of Chinese communism and how movies are rendered as political propaganda.
The architectural design of the film museum is exceptional which particularly conveys the very modern sense of a different side of China. There are light installations in the lobby which makes the short journey from one hall to the next much more fun as it changes its color every few seconds or so. Probably due to its location, the film museum is not as crowded as the other museums and sightseeing spots in Beijing. Highly recommended for avid movie-goers and art lover.
Museum Review: China National Film Museum in BeijingMuseum Review: China National Film Museum in BeijingMuseum Review: China National Film Museum in Beijing

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