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Murga Time: Drums Don't Lie!

By Tangocherie
Yes, it's Carnaval season all over Latin America, but at the same time various barrios in Buenos Aires have murgas every weekend through the beginning of March. No feathers and naked girls (and boys) here--for that you have to go to Gualeguaychu (where we're going next month) or Rio de Janeiro! The murga is not about pure fun; it has more of a political and protest agenda. Whatever it all really "means," it's fascinating and fun, and definitely a special cultural experience.
Sandra always has the latest information on upcoming cultural events in Buenos Aires. Read about where to catch a murga de barrio on her blog, My Buenos Aires Travel Guide.
(You can review previous posts on tangocherie about this fabulous phenomenon two years ago and last year.)
Here's the little video I made of the Boedo murga last year, just a block from my apartment. All year long I hear them practicing, and those drums don't lie!
It you decide to catch a murga somewhere in the city, wear old clothes and perhaps dark glasses to protect your eyes because the kids have fun spraying everyone with soap foam!

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