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Murderabilia by @poppy_damon & @AliceFiennes

By Pamelascott

Some people amass artwork. For others, it's stamps. But why would you want to collect the possessions of a serial killer?

Journalists Poppy Damon and Alice Fiennes travel from New York to Scotland to probe one of the internet's strangest subcultures - the people from all over the world who can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on so-called "murderabilia".

From the Muswell Hill Murderer, Dennis Nilsen, to Charles Manson, the duo explore the grisly yet lucrative business in trading everything from handwritten letters to prisoners' hairbrushes.

They also examine our seemingly insatiable appetite for the macabre, asking if there is a link between serial killer collectables and the true crime podcasting boom? Poppy and Alice hear that sometimes collectors are drawn to the idea that these objects could offer insight into the minds of dark figures like Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, or The Night Stalker.


(Audible Original, 26 September 2019, 3 hours, audiobook, Audible Original Podcast free from @audibleuk with membership, various narrators)



I found this podcast fascinating even if it made my flesh crawl at times and had more than a few disturbing moments. I had no idea until I listened to this that murderabilia was a thing. Now, I like reading true time books and watching movies and TV shows as much as the next person. However, buying mementoes of gruesome crimes is a sign of mental disturbance. It's as simple as that for me. One person featured prominently actually coined the term Murderabilia and is one of the leading buyers and traders. Some of his items include Charles Manson's hair. WTF? He disturbed me the most. He spoke of Manson, Bundy and The Night Stalker with reverence like he idolised them. Creepy bastard! I was fascinated by this podcast but appalled at the same time. An industry like Murderabilia should not be allowed. One collector actually wrote to The Night Stalker and sold his art for him. There's something really wrong about the whole concept to me.

Murderabilia @poppy_damon @AliceFiennes

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