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#Murder on The Posh Floor

By Remielund @remsluxuryblog


A couple of weeks ago, the lovely team at Posh Flooring threw a fabulous murder mystery meal in the Leeds Hilton City and invited lots of crime solving bloggers. I have a confession to make. Well, I have a few actually but the only one I’m willing to talk about today is the fact that I’ve always quite liked the idea of being a detective so when I received an invite to the #MurderonThePoshFloor event, I jumped at the chance. I hopped in an Uber in full cocktail attire (at lunchtime), Jimmy Choo clutch in hand and I met the lovely Sarah from SarahxSarah at the entrance and we ventured in to the Hilton together where we were welcomed with wine! Being a detective for the day really has its perks.


When I say I’ve always liked the idea of being a detective, it’s very much the same as me quite fancying being in a girl band. I have absolutely no skills that qualify me for the job unless watching a lot of Homeland counts. Let me say that I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I’ve never been to a murder mystery event before. There was so much hype on Twitter about this meet up that I really wasn’t sure if it would live up to my expectations but the event was incredible and it was so much fun to see so many familiar faces. We even got our own evidence files! *excited face* On arrival we were armed with murder mystery-esque props which prompted Sarah’s selfie stick to come out. That girl is prepared. Endless posing ensued until we were shown to another little room with pretty tables and separated into our murder solving groups. 3.5 seconds later an actual murder took place. It was all very dramatic.


Just when I thought we couldn’t be having more fun, Sherlock showed up. ACTUAL Sherlock Holmes. We examined glasses for fingerprints and racked our brains on which of the suspects could have committed the crime.

unspecified (3)

I’m not going to lie. I’m not cut out for a career in any kind of detective agency. Luckily I had a team of extremely clever detectives to help.

unspecified (3)

So it turns out solving a murder is actually rather difficult especially when there are things like wine and cake to distract you from those all important clues. Just when you think you might be making progress another delicious course comes out of the kitchen. It turns out I’m no Miss Marple but our table managed to figure out who dunnit. Now I’m not going to give away too much just in case you get to experience it for yourself but it really was a lot of fun even though we didn’t win. I did get a great Sherlock selfie though!

It was an amazing event and the perfect opportunity to meet some of the familiar faces I see on Twitter from time to time. A huge thank you to Jennie at Search Laboratories and the Murder Mystery Company for treating us to a day of fun. All of the photos in this blog post are courtesy of Search Laboratories who kindly took loads of amazing professional photos so we could focus solely on crime solving.  Follow the #MurderOnThePoshFloor for all the gossip from the event and read the Posh Flooring blog covering the event here.

#Murder Posh Floor

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