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Mundane Action Is Much Better Than Inspiring Thinking

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Mundane Action vs. Inspiring Thinking via Jeff Bullas

This quote is from Jeff Bullas on his blog “How to Unleash the Power of Content” in response to my comment there. I loved it and it really made me think. He also wrote prior that if he waited to be perfect his blog would have never happened. Do you spend more time with inspiring thinking than the mundane action needed to get things done?

What are some mundane actions needed to succeed with your blog?

mundane action

      • Editing – Oh yes, the writing at times may come easy. But the editing can be quite dull. I recently started using a free spell check online. It’s quick and easy. Of course editing may also include fixing errors with your coding and format as you work on a post. Most bloggers did not start out with HTML coding on their list of credentials.  Now that’s mundane action for you but a must do action at the same time.

@lisapatb The most mundane task of blogging?Cleaning the darn thing up after I screw up!lol…Hey, you feel me girl!:-)

— Adrienne Smith (@AdrienneSmith40) April 18, 2013

    • Typing – Typing can be dull at times. If you are not a fast typist maybe you can take a class in typing. It really can save you a lot of time if you can type fast. My last typing test years ago was around 110 words per minute. I’ll always be thankful for my typing class in junior high school.
    • Research – Research takes time. You can check an old post on 4 ways to research for that next awesome blog post. 
    • Updating Plug-Ins – Oh yes, it takes a moment but do you sometimes put it off?  It can be boring waiting for it to finish. But think what can happen if you don’t update it. The old saying “haste makes waste” came about for a reason.
    • Revising Old Posts –  If you ever switched from Blogger to WordPress or changed themes you may have to update some old posts. Or if you wrote poorly in the beginning you may want to freshen those oldies up. If you delete them you will have broken links.

@lisapatb -Having to fix old posts when the coding screws up each post. Ugh!!!

— Sonia Winland (@LogAllot) April 18, 2013

  • Spam – Checking and deleting spam can be daunting; another mundane action. CommentLuv premium will help you with less spam comments to take care of.
  • Broken Links - Oh yes a very dull duty for a blogger. Fixing broken links manually is boring. You can get a plug-in to take care of it for you in most cases. It all depends on your theme too. You can also check in Google Webmaster tools for broken links. Sometimes, I like to compare the two. Either way, it takes time and surely is no fun.

@lisapatb Probably link checking, as you turned me on to. It takes forever & then to click each one & see if it’s disfunct or not? Yuk!

— Bren(@PibblesNMe) April 17, 2013

Inspiring Thoughts

We still need to have inspiring thoughts to move us into action. Something that will move us and make us want to do something more. Jeff Bullas inspired me to do a post based on a quote. A quote that moved me. Sometimes we have to be careful to not always be thinking only and avoid doing a mundane action that produces results for us.

What has inspired you lately into action?

And what is your most mundane action you must perform on your blog or website?

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