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Multitask Products to Save Money and the Environment

By Savvybrown @savvybrownblog

The concept of multitasking your products is an easy one. Simply try to not buy anything that you can’t use for more than one purpose. When you start doing this, I swear it will change how you shop completely. You’ll be saving the environment by not tossing out as many containers, and saving money buy not buying as many items.

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A great example of this was my Dr. Bronner’s 30 Day Challenge, where I challenged myself to use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile soap for as many things as possible. Now, I try to do that for almost everything I purchase. Here’s a list of a few ways that I multitask several products I own..

  • Castile Soap – Face Wash, body wash, used to make household cleaning products
  • Vinegar – cooking, fabric softener, ingredient in many household cleaning products
  • Baking Soda – Cooking, scrubbing agent, drain cleaner, ingredient in many household cleaning products
  • Microfiber cloths – Wipes, replace paper towels, used to dry hair, remove makeup
  • Makeup bags – computer componenet bag, phone, tablet and extra battery carier, and well…makeup
  • Egg cartons – plant seed starters, paint touch up holder, jewelry organizer,shoeboxes – hold CDs, movies, small electronics, under bed storage
  • Coconut Oil – base for facial and body scrub, makeup remover, cooking oil, oil pulling

multitask_ products_savvybrown_coconutoil

I can make a really long list, but you get the picture. When you multitask your products you are not only being green, but you are also saving money. For example, instead of paying $5.00 for hand soap, $9.00 for body wash, $4.00 for dish washing liquid and another $10.00 for all purpose cleaner, (totalling $28.00) which will all run out in 3 months, I’ll buy one 32 ounce bottle of castile soap for $16 and dilute it to varying degrees and make all of the above for almost half the price. (It also lasts longer). If I want multiple fragrances, I’ll buy unscented and just add essential oils to the mix.

Do you multitask products around your home?

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