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Posted on the 18 July 2012 by Mikeb302000
I made a comment in the Third World Gun Bazaar post that:
US gun loons do have the ability for fully automatic weapons--the problem is that they have to jump through a few more hoops to get them than just show up with a driver's license.
can't have things like waiting periods, background checks, and fees spoiling their fun.
To which a gunloon came along and confirmed what I said by whining about all the hoops he had to go through to get a full-auto weapon. I mean other than Pakistan, where do people have the ability to own fully automatic weapons besides the US of A!
Actually, it IS a right in Pakistan! The Northwest Frontier Province permits the ownership of heavy weaponry including the use of rocket launchers, short-, medium-, and long-range rockets, anti-aircraft guns, mortars, etc. Pakistan Zindabad!
In fact, one thing I liked doing when I was in the Washington, DC area was to take foreign visitors to the gun stores where they sold machineguns. These days googling "machineguns for sale" will net a few US dealers who will sell them if you go through the necessary process.
After all, what other country has people posting youtube vids of themselves shooting 50 gallon drums and carving pumpins with firearms? Knob Creek Machinegun brings up this fiesta of firepower.

OK, the last one wasn't full auto, but...
As we said--Not much difference:
Muh-Sheeen-GUNZ! BTW, Heller-McDonald kinda made it clear that full-auto weapons were covered by the Second Amendment.
And if guns mean freedom, then Pakistan and Afghanistan must be the freest places on the planet!
Pakistan Zindabad!

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