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Muammar Qadaffi: Pan-Africanist Hero, Or Genocidaire?

Posted on the 23 March 2011 by Warigia @WarigiaBowman

Dear Readers
Pan-Africanists (and leftists) are in an uproar about the bombing of Libya. This post will examine the different sides of the issue. My quick take: Qadaffi worked hard to defeat apartheid. He has struggled to position Libya as an African country, not an Arab country. He has supported the African Union. He should be praised for these notable accomplishments. Qadaffi has tortured journalists, cut off all communication with the outside world, and fired on innocent civilians. Libya is in a humanitarian crisis as refugees flood into Tunisia and Egypt. It looked like Qadaffi was willing to fire on his own people in order to stay in power. The bombing of Libya is justified. It should cease as soon as a no-fly zone is enforced. No troops should be used. The West should retreat, and turn over the enforcement to Egypt, Tunisia, and other African and Arab countries as soon as possible.
More soon. WMB

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