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Mt Rushmore

By Arianamarialouis

One of the United States of America’s most beautiful areas of land, and the jewel in the crown which you will experience when you travel California. Located in Yellowstone national park, it is a tall geyser which erupts regularly; so regularly in fact that you can almost set your clock by it! The geyser erupting is a sight to behold and one of mother nature’s finest, and most awe inspiring, achievements. And just for fun, getting a picture taken with the background of an erupting geyser is certainly one for the family photo album. OUR TOURS Allow us to take care of your every need and whim as we tour the country, together, and tell you all about the background of this green and pleasant land. read more… OLD FAITHFUL LODGE Old Faithful has a long and illustrious reputation of providing good quality accommodation at a price that is affordable to the discerning traveler read more… CALIFORNIA TOURS A tour geared more towards students and youngsters would mean more modern buildings or sites to see, or more activities at each stop. read more… You can also choose from our many themed tours or landmarks or places of interest. We may also tailor a tour to fit the tourist spots you are most keen on seeing. Or we could even customize the itinerary to fit those who are taking the tour. For example, an elderly group of senior citizens would mean a less strenuous course for the tour.

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