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Mr Tomato King is in Semi Retirement!

By Steve Bichard @SteveBichard
 Mr Tomato King is in semi-retirement! 
Due to personal health reasons and other commitments  I will not be making many new post on this blog. However, there is a lot of information on here that has been posted over the years, so I do hope you find that useful.
I have given the poly tunnel a break this year as I have been trying to finish off some other projects, while I still have the energy! I was planing to give the soil a break anyway and grow in peat troughs, which I could well do all being well next season.
Many thanks for viewing my blog over the years and for joining in with your comments. 
Another new career!
This month I have started working as an Agent Commercial, or a self employed estate agent in Brittany under the the umbrella of Leggett Immobilier, one of the top estate agencies in France. My partner has worked for them for a number of years, so I have learnt the ropes from the sidelines and I hope my many years in sales in the past will also help me sell a few French properties. 
I have a Facebook and Twitter pages,  for mine and my partners properties and in the future will have my own page on the Leggett site once I have enough properties in my portfolio. I am based near Loudeac in Brittany and I am looking to add properties for sale within a 50 min drive form there, so please email me if you have a property for sale.
If you are looking to buy a property anywhere in France and would like me to add you to the Leggett data base then also please email me. 

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