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Mr Rotavator

By Danielcarruthers

Mr RotavatorThere are some large pieces of garden equipment that I use all the time – for example my shredder – which is needed frequently to deal with my gardens jungle tendencies – but there are other things that are only needed once or very occasionally. In this situation it makes sense to hire, which is what I’m planning to do when we finally get down to dealing with our extremely scruffy lawn. I’ll need a lawn scarifier to get rid of the dead thatch and then a rotavator to dig over the surface and then incorporate the leafmould and grit that I want to add to help improve the drainage before we lay the new turf. I’ve recently heard about a rather useful new online service called Erento. It helps gardeners track down the equipment they need in their local area and at a very competitive price.Whether you are tackling a neglected allotment, turning over a new piece of ground or re-establishing a scruffy lawn and want to see what is available locally.

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