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Mr. K's Little Log: What an Irresponsible Travel Advice!

By Kei Lam (thetravelphilosophy.blogspot.hk)
The most irresponsible travel advice is encouraging others to interact with strangers in foreign countries. And Mr. K read it from a rather popular travel blog site. Admittedly, not all strangers are psychos; many of them appears to be normal people like you and me. The repercussion, following such interaction, however is too great a risk to take. Even if the odds of running into someone who might wrong you in any way may not be that high as normally presumed, the possibilities of kidnapping, fraud, rape or other kinds of physical harms themselves already serve as a self-evident reason of why one should be mindful with what might get oneself into.

Yes, it might not happen often; but when it does, you will really regret it. Simply telling people to rely on their own judgment when encouraging them to engage in any sort of activities with someone they hardly know is a utterly irresponsible behavior.

Mr. K
Mr. K's Little Log: What an Irresponsible Travel Advice!

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