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@MQISM Goes BIG… (@skamdust)

By Whatyouwrite @whatyouwrite

MQ also known as MQUE aka MQISM show us how to put an extinguisher to good use!mq

MQ (also known as MKUE, MQUE or MQIZM) started painting graffiti in New York in the mid 80’s. MQ has earned himself legendary status for his relentless painting. Around the world you can see his colossal throw-ups, gigantic block letters and subliminal tags. Today MQ’s work is geared towards making posters, paintings and metal stickers. His art works are multi-layered, often combining stickers and reflective vinyl with abstract shapes and subliminal writing. His core palette of silver and black with elements of graffiti makes his works easily identifiable. His work is fresh, innovative and constantly evolving. (via)

MQISM Website

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