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Moving On

By Mismisleyson
I will be living my life to the fullest even if the person I love doesn't exist in my world anymore. It's true, I said I'm okay. But I lied. I'm a liar. I said I'm gonna fight back to have you back. But I realized, what am I fighting for? Is it worth fighting for? Even when I know that I could never have you back. So many things have gone past. I am here. You are there. What's the point of fighting back when nothing and no one can change your mind. Now, I gotta go and go on my own. And never ever give up. Never give up loving. No one could ever help me but myself. Life is sometimes rude. But that is life. It has so many unexpected things that you should always live by.
There's always something more - Something more to live by. I'll say it again. I am okay. But hey! I know how to lie. Honestly, I feel so broken up! It’s a cold hard road ahead of me. As of this moment I don’t think I have the strength to let you go. I’ve been wishing that I was never brought to this world. But looking back, I still feel I must get my life back and live on my own. No one should be blamed. This is life. Life gives us shit all the time. So I will just pretend in the mean time that I’m okay. Pretending is hard but I must live by it. And hope that someday I will find someone. Someone I can dare again say the words I love you.
I know I have been selfish. My heart is not perfect. Not everything falls into the right place. I’m just human with a big heart. But I know for myself that I can make it better. I can be better. I’ll do better. You left me, it’s over and done. But this heart of mine will never stop beating. It hurts to see myself alone. I sometimes pity myself. But I know that this feeling I have will soon be over. I tried to make you stay but nothing happened. I hope your heart of stone will soon find someone you deserve.
You see, I'm not the only one for you. But your'e the only one for me.
You left me. Ill wake up alone. But I must move on. Don’t tell me I can’t go on. Because I will move on. I can move on!

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