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Movie Review on Paper Towns.

By Appraisingpages @appraisjngpages

Dear reader,

I went to see the book- to- movie adaptation Paper Towns the other day so that is what this post will be all about: A review on Paper Towns the movie. First I will talk about the movie itself and the acting skills and then I will talk about my thoughts about how they made a book in to a movie.

A summary on the movie from IMDB:
A young man and his friends embark upon the road trip of their lives to find the missing girl next door.


wow quite the summary..

The movie:
When we have something like a book-to-movie adaptation alot of readers tent to be a bit negative sometimes, but I think as a book and movie lover you also need to look at these movies just as a movie, and not just as a adaptation. And as a movie I thought it was great. Its funny and has alot of hilarious moments! I love the meaning of this story, which I am not going to spoil because I want you to figure it out yourself. ( if you do want to know.. wait for the spoil section) and just the acting skills, amazing! Eventhough I don’t really like her character, Cara did an amazing job on bringing Margo Roth Spiegelman to the big screen. Just as Nat Wolff ( who I think almost everybody grew up with, helloo naked brothers band? ) So yeah overall a fun. funny and amazing movie.

The book- to- movie adaption:
I d have to admit I don’t really remember much of the book as my memory is horrible. But I do remeber some bits and pieces. From what I remember I think they stayed pretty faithfull to the book. They did left out some parts, alot of part I think and yes that is a shame. But the ones they have done they did them beautifully. And in my opinion, casting is just on point! Like really. I imagined the characters almost the way as they casted the actors! Maybe Q a bit less handsome

( Because helllooo Nat Wolff!) Especially Radar, he was just on point!


And I as I said I loved the meaning of the ending, like a person can’t really be a miracle.. They are
just people, ordinary people. And even your Idol or crush make mistakes and are not perfect even when they seem to be. I loved that I really did. Radar his humor guys, I laughed so much. Like that moment he just had sex and tells his friends in the van. CRACKING UP. Or when they sang the Pokemon song! I loved the chemistry between the three of them they really did a good job on getting that real friendschip vibe in to the story. I am confused tho, like in the trailers you saw he god the keys to the van for his birthday.. Why didn’t I see it in the movie? Anyone know why?

Overall opinion: I loved it.
The grade I gave on IMDB: an 8


See you text time!
Love, me.


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