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Movie Review – GUT

Posted on the 14 November 2012 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Another exclusive review I did for the fine folks at LostInReviews.com  This time around they had me review the independent horror movie GUT.  To say the least, I wasn’t feeling this movie despite the great premise and story that was present.  It ended up getting lost in the weak acting and plot beats that were about as predictable as they get.  Still, I enjoyed watching something new to me and hopefully I can continue my streak of reviews for the site.  So like usual, below is an excerpt of the review and head on over to LostInReviews.com to take a look at the full review.

I will be honest; I am not the biggest horror movie fan out there.  Now that isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy a good scare or violently gorgeous-looking movie death in a horror film, but after a while of watching the same found footage or slasher movies, it gets a bit old, to me anyway.  I guess maybe I am looking for something a bit more from horror movies instead of the usual tropes that are the hallmark of horror movies.  So sometimes my gaze towards horror is set upon on the low-budget fair, the movies that need to separate themselves from the miasma of those standard horror movie themes.  So GUT came across my review plate and I will admit, I was ready for something different.

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Movie Review – GUT

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