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Movie of the Day – Undefeatable

Posted on the 23 May 2013 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Oh my god you guys, oh my god.  How it took me this long to finally talk about this movie I will never know, but believe me the wait for this post on this particular movie is something to truly treasure.  From 1994, a time when shitty martial arts movies are churned out like cheap knock-off goods, we got Cynthia Rothrock, the female action star of her time, in a movie that is so wildly bad and entertaining that you would think this is what Tommy Wiseau had directed an action flick.  This is just one of the most insanely, poorly acted movies with fight scenes that are just unbelievable.  This is Undefeatable.


Statuesque martial arts doyenne Cynthia Rothrock stars in Undefeatable. As in most of her films, Rothrock’s principal motivation is revenge. When her sister is murdered by a serial killer, she lays a trap for the villain. Unfortunately, the killer is also well-versed in martial arts.

That’s the whole plot folks, I mean it is pretty cut and dry with a Rothrock movie where she plays this vigilante who dispenses high kicks and karate chops to bad guys, but also this has her teaming up with a cop to stop a serial killer with a mullet perm who happens to be a bad ass karate expert and killed Rothrock’s character sister or something.  This is without a doubt one of the worst acted action movies I have ever seen.  Like I said before, it’s as if Tommy Wiseau of “The Room” decided he could do action movies and made this.  But I can’t just outright talk about this movie, I need to show you what I am talking about.  So here are the choice scenes from this movie to illustrate my point.  So if you don’t want to be spoiled take a hike and watch it for free on Youtube.  Here we go.

So this clip below is about the villain and what really sets him off to go around town with his hockey helmet hair and beating up bitches left and right.  This is the moment, a moment in a film where the pathos and agony of acting have to be spot on to deliver that convincing change to the audience that you have truly gone off the deep end.  Check out this magnificent bit of acting from the villain, whose name is Paul and goes by the nickname, Sting-ray.

My wife left me and I am so mad that I throw a tantrum like a 5 year old and dye my mullet a darker shade of color.  What the fuck?  Then he goes around and just beats up other dudes who know karate cause everyone in the early 90s knew martial arts.  This is you villain folks, this man who might be Kristen Stewart’s father because his acting is on par with hers.  This is both hilarious and well…hilarious.  Nothing about this conveys anything other than overacting and a brief ass kicking scene to show that Stingray is super serious about killing now.

Now we move on to the tent pole reason to see this movie.  If you thought the acting is horrific and funny, then feast your eyes on the closing moments of the movie with one of the greatest fight scenes I have ever seen.  I am serious, don’t watch it if you don’t want to spoiled and get to enjoy this piece cinematic delicacy without spoil.


Allow me use their dialog to describe what you just witnessed.





Never in my life have I seen such a shitty looking, but amazing fight sequence.  This probably took the fight choreographer and script writer all of like 2 minutes to come up with everything and it’s glorious.  You got Stingray never saying a single fucking word and the hero cop and Rothrock are just trying to match his machismo.  They have to blind him…twice! just to even come close to beating him.  Then the line folks, the final line to send the villain off to his death.  “Keep an eye out for you Stingray,”  “Yea….see ya!”.  Bra-fucking-vo.

I love this damn movie.

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