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Movie of the Day – Sand Sharks

Posted on the 25 June 2013 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Well, I honestly feel like this movie and the upcoming Sy-Fy movie Sharknado will have essentially closed the book on possible Shark combination movies out there.  Lest they take this shit to space and then we get Space Sharks or OR they make a non-cartoon version of Street Sharks and really do it right.  Yeah, surprisingly enough I would think Sand Sharks would create the common misconception that actual Sand Sharks (also known as Grey Nurse or Sand Tiger Sharks) would lead people to fear them even more.  I hope people mistake these sharks for actual sharks that are capable of swimming through sand, they need to up their game with the Great White Sharks out there.

Sand Sharks 1a

Sharks who swim through sand and effortlessly able to attack on land, go after some teens in a low budget glory fest that is pure z-movie cinema.

Ahem….a movie about sharks who move and strike through the sands is basically the only thing you need to know about this movie.  These z-movie, Sy-Fy originals are just junk food, eye candy for the masses.  They are for those that just love bad movies and Sy-Fy seems to have cornered the market on this genre.  Them and also Asylum studios certainly know what they are doing with these low budget affairs.  It’s as if this movie and the subsequent releases are purely made for the Mystery Science Theater 3K crowds.  People who will gather around to watch and rip on a movie that is practically bursting with crass humor, low digital effect quality and just a grand old time with the violence.  It’s all digital blood and guts, but it is fucking funny to watch.

There isn’t much else to say about a movie like this.  Acting….bwahahahaha.  Action, all cgi goodness and bad I might add.  The overall presentation…it’s a movie about sand swimming sharks folks, nothing more or less but a fun as fuck time watching it if you are a fan of terrible movies.

Sand Sharks 1b

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