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Movie of the Day – Looper

Posted on the 02 March 2013 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

For today’s post, we go back in time with the trippy sci-fi, action film Looper.

HA!  I always knew that time itself was cyclical and not linear.

Well I mean at least this latest sci-fi offering from Writer and Director Rian Johnson (Brick and The Brothers Bloom) lays out the rules of time travel and those that use it.  Looper is the third movie from Rian Johnson, a director who dabbles in straddling the creative line between brainy, think tank films and fun, creative twists on established genres.  In Brick, he injected a dark, hard boiled noir thriller in the setting of a high school.  The Brothers Bloom saw us following a playful and charming group of dapper looking grifters with a smart, sophisticated web of intrigue and cons.  And now Looper dabbles with the temporal complexity of time traveling, paired with the slam bang action sequences that create this continuous loop of constant feedback and excitement.

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Looper 1c

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