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Movie of the Day – Like Crazy

Posted on the 29 March 2012 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

I have never been one for the romantic films, as I say many times, but it is not because of the subject matter of the film rather it is the formulaic nature of them.  So my default mode of emotional investment is skeptical when watching a romance film, either comedy, drama, or anything of the like.  I talked about how much I loved the film (500) Days of Summer and the capturing of young love and all the confusing shit that comes along with it.  It was a refreshing entry to the genre and the leads were young, gorgeous and likeable, which helps for multiple viewings.  There were a few short comings with the film, ones that really didn’t detract from the enjoyment but just some nitpicky things about young love.  For me, Like Crazy is the film that (500) Days of Summer wishes it was.  A bold statement but one that has a ring of truth.

Movie of the Day – Like Crazy

I saw Like Crazy about 9 months before the initial release of the film at one of the local festivals (not bragging).  I immediately gravitated towards this film because of the subject matter of a long distance relationship and the strain and tribulations that plague the young couple.  I myself have been in relationships such as this, though nothing of the international kind, but it was something that I could relate to.  I have never really seen a movie tackle the pains of wanting to be with someone you love when there is so much distance between them.  Sure, these sort of relationships can work and I have seen them work, not for me mind you.  The film and director Drake Doremus pull at the emotional heartstrings and even from his own past (the detail and emotional connection seems to real to be made up in a script) which creates one of the most personal and touching romantic films I have seen.

Like Crazy does just lay the ground work for the emotion and connection, it is left to Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones to make the relationship and chemistry work and become believable.  The two actors were amazing to watch in this film and every conversation, kiss, embrace and teary eyed scene works to make us connect and succeeds.  I found myself pulling for the two to make their situation to work, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Movie of the Day – Like Crazy

For me Like Crazy was the surprise film of the year and if I did a top list of 2011, this would certainly be in there.  It succeeds where other romantic films fail.  Making you connect and care for young love to work even when the odds aren’t there.  This is a credit to the young actors and the director to create a film that is almost too personable, but keeps you close to characters.  It is intimate as it is tragic, but none the less a beautiful film about the pangs of long distance love and complications of love itself.

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