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Movie of the Day – Invasion U.S.A.

Posted on the 25 April 2013 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Everyone knows that Chuck Norris’ chief export is pain.  So buckle the fuck up cause he is going to be delivering a whole boatload of pain in one of the most kick ass action flicks out there, all due to the fine folks at Cannon and Golan Globus films.  It’s Invasion USA!!!

Invasion USA 1a

This red-baiting action film stars Chuck Norris as Matt Hunter, a retired CIA agent who lives in the Florida Everglades. A communist invasion of Miami brings Hunter out of retirement to fight the encroaching hordes led by everyone’s favorite low-budget bad guy, Richard Lynch. The film is extremely jingoistic, presenting the evil communists staging an invasion on Christmas, demolishing a church, and attempting to blow up a school bus full of children. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

I don’t know about you, but I would not like to die by someone who is decked out in all denim.  Denim pants, denim sleeveless vest and possibly a denim jacket.  It also sucks if you are killed by Chuck Norris and that fucking great beard of his.  Invasion USA is that wonderful category of one-man army porn.  You know, the Rambows of the world thinking they can take on an entire opposing army or an army of terrorists.  This movie does raise a lot of questions as to how there are so many terrorists available in the world that they can stage a massive invasion on Miami.  Secondly, how fucking ruthless are those bastards?  They just roll through a community celebrating the holidays or something and just blow their houses up.  Just straight up murder those folks.  The stakes are constantly raised in this movie and I love it.

Invasion USA 1b

Chuck Norris really is the only man with big enough red, white and blue balls to stick it to those damn terrorists and save the world from oppression.  He spin kicks, shoots and other wise combat rolls his way through hordes of terrorists as they are just fodder for his pure American sensibilities of libertarianism and red-neckish fear of a constant enemy in the midst of a cold war era.  Yeah, twin machine guns will solve any problem.  But bad acting aside, it’s Norris and his cheesy action endeavors that elevate this movie to pure, unadulterated action goodness.  The sort of flick that will be shown on repeat on TBS and you can’t help but watch it.

It’s low budget approach to action lends itself well to just being about as over the top as possible.  All the budget certainly shows in the action sequences which is the trademark of Cannon and Golan Globus films.  They knew what the market wanted and they certainly were able to capitalize on their shortcomings.  Invasion USA came on the heels of Red Dawn and Rambo, the sort of military cry against all foreign invaders that if they mess with us, we will win.  Invasion USA is a just a pure, cheese action movie.  Plenty of action, convincing gore and plenty of kills to keep the b-movie action crowd salivating.  It’s a Norris classic, right along side with Delta Force and that one movie where he fought Bruce Lee.

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