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Movie of the Day – Breakin’

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Plotdevice39 @PlotDevices

Oh yes folks, time to pop and lock this shit till the break of dawn.  It’s Breakin’ time.

That’s what the movie is about folks, the power and unity that break dancing has on people.

The first major breakdancing film, Breakin’ stars Lucinda Dickey as a dancing student who dislikes the hidebound regimen of her demanding teacher. She breaks free from terpischorean tradition when she befriends a bunch of street kids devoted to breakdancing. Within a year of its release, Breakin’ spawned a sequel, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Everyone has seen Breakin’…right?  I mean you kind of have to at some point see this movie cause it is Breakin’.  A movie that is nothing but dancing and a story about a white girl looking to break free of her rigid whiteness and make her parents angry or something.  I just assume cause in reality I didn’t care about the story as I was captivated by the dancing happening on the screen.  There is a lot folks, more than you would find in all the broadway shows happening on one night.  Breakin’ for some reason was this weird cultural capstone, I mean an entire movie about break dancing that ended bringing it to the mainstream, spawning a sequel (Electric Boogaloo) and then probably the catalyst for all those stupid Step Up movies.  I will tell you right now, stick with this original flick.

I will give a hand to Lucinda Dickey who plays Kelly in the film.  She was enjoyable to watch especially in the 80s cliche montage of her getting infinitely better over the course of one Chaka Khan song, which I will admit is awesome, and then all of a sudden she is fucking killing it out there.  Kelly is that wholesome girl that manages to break the barriers of her traditional upbringing in dance and  able to pop and lock her way to the hearts of the other break dancers, along with the help of Ozone and Turbo.  Which are amazing breakdancing names as well.

Listen, there isn’t really much else to go on with this movie except some forced melodrama, confrontation and just a ton of dancing.  That’s all this movie is, so don’t expect anything but really good scenes of break dancing that you will sit through 90 minutes of.  Hell here are some of my favorites.

Not the most effective way to clean the sidewalk on which your store sits, but impressive none the less.  Especially the strings Turbo keeps to do the levitation.  Also why even bother sweeping the sidewalk of your store that sits on a busy intersection?  I get taking pride in the location, but I think a push broom or hosing it down would be even easier than having to break dance sweep it up.

If you clearly didn’t see, Ice T is in this clip sans his big booty wife.  It is a nice change of pace to see kids settling their beefs on the dance floor instead of on the streets with knives and guns.

DOWN WITH THE MAN!  FUCK THE ESTABLISHMENT!  I still don’t know why the sleeveless suit coat didn’t catch on.

And one last thing…the best cameo ever.

That’s Breakin’ folks.  Enjoy.

Breakin 1a

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