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Movie Mondays: The Adjustment Bureau

By Shawndrarussell

This movie seemed to fly under the radar a bit, and after watching it this weekend, I am not sure why because I thought it was original and thought-provoking (maybe that was the problem?).
It was created by first-time writer/director George Nolfi and deals with the concept of free will versus fate. The adjustment bureau, aka angel-like men in bowler hats, keep people on the path that "The Chairmen," aka a God-like figure, wants them to be on.
The Adjustment Bureau raises the same questions as the Matrix, or Bruce Almighty, suggesting one of our main concerns is being uncomfortable with the idea that the choices we make are not our own, and that the life we are supposed to live is already laid out for us. This concept is needless to say disturbing and makes the main character, Senator David Norris played by Matt Damon, feel insignificant.
This movie raises some of the most perplexing questions about life that exist: What if we really don't have free will? If God already has our life mapped out for us, what is the point of trying? Why do decisions, especially big decisions about our careers, love life, etc. feel so looming if the end result has already been decided? What if you don't like the path that has been laid out for you?
Nolfi grapples with these questions and even tackles how love fits into all of this heavy stuff. Is love more important than anything else? Do we have a soul mate? Who would you be if you stayed single? Whow would you be if you were with someone other than your current mate? What about the one that got away? All of these questions come to the forefront as well.
Besides bringing up these essence of existence questions, Nolfi also comes up with an original concept about how to have these "angels" move about. They don't fly, they don't disappear, and they don't fall from heaven and become human. They are regular guys who use regular doors to transport from one real location to another real location in the same city--in this case, New York City. It makes for some cool visual effects and adds to the confusion and uncertainty that we all feel about life at some point (or most of the time, if we are being completely honest).
I won't say anymore except that Matt Damon and Emily Blunt have excellent chemistry and make you root for them. Watch it if you haven't and then come back and comment about what you thought!

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