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Movements Need A Possitive Message…What Is UUism’s Positive Message To Trayvon Martin?

Posted on the 06 February 2014 by Eastofmidnight

It’s time for UUs and UUism to get its/their heads out of their proverbial [----] and face some facts.

In the lifetime of many of us, the majority of the country’s population will look more like me (black and female) than like my internship supervisor (white and male). And surveys show that while the numbers of “spiritual but not religious” is growing in people that look like me, it’s not growing at anywhere near the same rate as it is among young whites.

If UUism is going to survive, it better have a positive message that speaks to the issues that the majority of people are going to face/are facing.

Here’s the question…if UUism is/should be a movement, what is its positive message to the growing majority of the country? What is UUism saying to the Trayvon Martins of the country other than “we are working on being an anti-racist, anti-oppresive, and multicultural association”? [please do not read that question as a knock on the work of the Office of Multicultural Growth and Witness]

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