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Mountain House POUCHES Pass the Taste Test at 30 Years!

Posted on the 14 June 2012 by Jc_refuge
We all know Mountain House freeze dried food in cans is going to be good for 30 years. But now the good folks at MH just tested some of their stored POUCH foods from 30 years ago to give them the once-over.
Here's what they said:
So we're often asked about the shelf life of Mountain House meals. Our pouches have a "Best if Used By:" date of 7 years after production. What happens after 8 years? 10 years? 20 years?
Last week our team decided to take matters into our own hands and opened up the Mountain House Archive to test six different 30-year old pouches. And by "test", we mean "taste".
The results ranged from decent to delicious! Although our team could tell which meals were from The Archive, the 30-year old Mountain House pouches were still wholesome, nutritious, and tasty. Take a peek at the results below (click the image to enlarge) …

Mountain House POUCHES Pass the Taste Test at 30 Years!
This is actually great news if you have been concerned about your MH pouch stash. It's also good to note that our buyers club members do always get 20%-off all MH pouch cases and they get free shipping to the lower 48. Shop for Mountain House pouches here: 2007-2011 by Safecastle LLC

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