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Motorhead - Aftershock

Posted on the 13 November 2013 by Ripplemusic
Motorhead  -  Aftershock
Lemmy---Bass Guitar, Vocals
Phil Campbell---Guitar
Mikkey Dee---Drums
   Hard rock. Metal. Rock and Roll.  Call it what you will. If it is Motorhead its going  to be good.
   And Aftershock is Motorhead at its best. Loud, raw, in your face rock and roll. A sonic slab of molten hard rock that delivers on all levels. Lemmy and the boys have outdone themselves here. The recording on the heels of Lemmys brush with human mortality. But Lemmy clearly shines on this album. He is rock and roll. No greater icon since maybe elvis more epitomizes the hard rock community. Forever he will be immortalized as the face and attitude of hard rock.
   Songs like, "Heartbreaker", "Death Machine, "Keep Your Powder Dry" solidify anyone who doubted that the mighty freight train known as Motorhead would roll on. Superior muscianship meets super human performance. Motorhead shows no sign of age, no signals of decline. They just keep getting louder and louder and more intense, screaming down the rails of life full throttle towards your ears.
Thundering riffs and searing guitar leads tear across the disc at breakneck speed forcing all who listen to obey. Lemmy is the master at growling, raw vocals. They speak of whiskey and cigarettes. And a lifetime of rock and roll. This album is a must have for any Motorhead fan.

 Get it.
Play it loud.

15 horns up/10 ( Hey, it's Motorhead, nobody gets a higher rating)


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