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Motley Monday: Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

By Wheatish @wheatish

Motley Monday: Once Upon a Time in MumbaiOkay, so I clearly had no idea what this movie was about or who was in it when I picked it up at the local Desi grocer’s for a dollar fifty.  Do not watch this awful movie. It was good background noise while cooking for an epic Thanksgiving, however. Randomly inserted clips that tried to convey badassness. Worked so long as you didn’t look up to see Imran Hashmi baring his ape-like face and form. Anywhoo, my Bollywood Pandora station is frequented by two stellar tracks from this movie. Which is really the take home message from this post. Listen to the following songs and tell me they aren’t lovely. And don’t watch this movie.

Pee Loon

Tum Jo Aaye

Well, that’s all for today. Happy Monday!

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