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Motley Monday: Liberal and Conservative Morality

By Wheatish @wheatish

Motley Monday: Liberal and Conservative MoralityThe Moral Mind  Today I bring to you a TED talk that I really enjoyed. It addresses questions that I’ve had in the past about the merits of exclusivity in religion, whether the existence of opposing forces is perhaps the only real way of creating balance in this world (as opposed to a monoculture of moderates), etc.  Nothing new really, but an interesting way of looking at the science of morality. Maybe helps read people better? Or at the very least respect where they may be coming from.

No matter where you stand, you can afford to become a little more open-minded, respectful, and humble. With these thoughts, I hope to start 2012 with no ill will or resentment to even the most abhorrent of individuals (come on, we all have had our patience tested), and reflect upon my own pretenses and douche-factors. I will be no Dalai Lama by 2013, but one step at a time, right?

Posts might be sparse till the New Year, but we’ll squeeze in a few more so stay tuned


Better watch the TED talk–it’s excellent!

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