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Mother's Name

By Bloggerfather @bloggerfather
Last year, I wrote about deciding against sending my kid to a nearby preschool just because the application form included "Fathers Business Address." Here's the form again:
Mother's Name
Well, maybe that was the third strike on that short form, after asking about religion and after refusing to acknowledge the existence of apostrophes.
Then, I recently saw a picture on Mommy Man: Adventures of a Gay Superdad, which reminded me of my old post, and can also be seen as a good reminder of what daily life is like for people who truly are discriminated against in society.
Mother's Name
Maybe one day forms like these two will be a part of history. Until then, keep on fighting the good fight, dads. Gay dads, straight dads, working dads, stay-at-home-dads, and all other involved dads: one step at a time.

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