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Mother’s Day Gifts for Gardening Enthusiasts

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Mother's Day gifts for gardening enthusiasts

If mum enjoys spending time tending to her garden, then she will love a gardening gift this Mother's Day. Not only are these Mother's Day gifts thoughtful, but they are practical too. These are the kinds of gifts that mum can enjoy on the day and for years to come. Here's what you should look for in a gardening gift.

Potted plant

The first thing gardening Mother's Day gifts should contain is a plant. Mum may choose to keep it in a pot inside her home, on her balcony or she could plant it in her garden. It will depend on the type of plant and the weather conditions throughout the year. Potted roses are particular popular since they are one of the easiest plants to grow.

Gardening tools

The next thing to look for in these Mother's Day gifts is some sort of gardening tool or tools. Working the soil is difficult, if not almost impossible without the right tools. Even if she already has a few tools, it's worth investing in another set. Gardening tools tend to rust over time and they deteriorate even with normal use. It's never a bad idea to have a spare set and mum will definitely appreciate this gift.

Something extra

Gardening is not just about taking care of your plants and removing weeds. It's also about taking pleasure in admiring your work. This is why you will notice that many gardening Mother's Day gifts also include a beverage and possibly even something for her to nibble on like biscuits or chocolates. When you do your shopping, make sure that you check the contents of the hamper before you make your way to the check out. The contents description will let you know what is included as well as the quantity of each item.

Another good idea to remember when sending Mother's Day gifts is that you are the most important part of any gift. So, if you can spare a few hours to spend along with mum in the garden, this would be the greatest gift of all. Help her remove some weeds and prepare the garden for summer while you catch up. Enjoy some tea or a glass of wine together once you are done and admire your work. While gardening is technically work, it is also extremely therapeutic.

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