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Mother’s Day Flowers You Can Arrange Yourself

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

If you are the kind of person who would like to treat mum to a gift with extra love and thought, then you will love arranging Mother's Day flowers yourself! All you will need is a few basic supplies and your choice of blooms. Of course, the supplies you need will depend on the style of arrangement you want to create. For those who are new to flower arranging, here are three easy design options.

Bud arrangements

If you are looking for the easiest way to arrange flowers, bud arrangements are what you want. This technique involves a single stem and a bud vase. Bud vases come in all shapes and heights too. Choose one that suits the flower you wish to display. Remember, bud arrangements can be displayed on their own or in clusters. If you choose to create a cluster-style design, you can take your pick from various amazing Mother's Day flowers. From roses and carnations to lilies and everything in between! You can create arrangements in different colours so that they look good together but are not all the same.

Single type of bloom

Another easy way of arranging Mother's Day flowers is by choosing a single type of bloom. So, instead of trying to figure out which flowers look best with which, you can simply opt for a single type of flower in a single colour. For example, you could opt for pink carnations for mum this year. All you need to do is trim the stems, remove the excess foliage and pop them in a vase with water. Remember to insert each stem with care so that they are all properly spaced apart.

Handheld bouquet

If you are not completely sure about the best type of vase or holder for your Mother's Day flowers, you can skip the vase altogether. Handheld bouquets are super easy to create and they are easy on the budget too. All you need to do is select your favourite flowers for mum, gather the stems together neatly, tie them together and give them a trim. Now you can wrap them up in some colourful paper and add a ribbon.

Mother's Day flowers do not need to check any specific 'boxes' in terms of blooms you should or should not choose. Yes, there are some traditional options but people are finding unique ways of showing their appreciation with each passing year. If you know that mum has a particular favourite flower, this is a great option to use or at least include in her bouquet.

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