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Mother Iron Horse ★ Under the Blood Moon

Posted on the 14 May 2022 by Ripplemusic
Mother Iron Horse ★ Under the Blood Moon

Mother Iron Horse are back with their 2nd album and it hits you like a jackhammer! 8 times in 37 minutes to be exact! High energy fuzzed up stoner (The Devil's Work), Kick-Ass sludge (The Witches/Old Man Satan), some psychedelic Doom (Nocturnal Eternal) and everything straight to the point - but every song sounds right down to the last note thoughtful and complex. Not many bands can do this balancing act! Occult vibes permeate the whole album as one would expect from a band from Salem(!), Massachusetts. Mother Iron Horse are one of those bands that make you wonder why their album isn't in every good heavy stoner / doom collection, because these 4 guys deserve it!!! If you bang your head to bands like Leather Lung, High on Fire, Fostermother, Witch Pit, Firebreather or Ordos, you absolutely have to get this one!

-Helge Neumann

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