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MOT’ing the Car and Renewing Passports Top Most Hated ‘life-admin’ Jobs

Posted on the 28 April 2014 by 72point @72hub

The average adult spends the equivalent of one week every year carrying out life admin tasks, research has revealed. Experts calculated the typical adult dedicates three hours a week to sorting family admin such as renewing insurances, paying credit card bills, switching utility companies and renewing passports.

The study revealed MOT’ing the car was named as the most hated job, followed by applying for a new passport and sorting out a new home insurance policy.

As many as 37% of us admit we struggle to keep up with everything, and often fail to complete everything by the required date.

The poll of 2,000 adults also found over a third of us ‘put off’ these jobs because we don’t have enough time and one in two can’t face dealing with call centres.

Steve Griffiths of Swinton Insurance, which carried out the study, said:

“We lead such busy lives it can be a struggle to keep on top of everything.

“It can throw you in to a panic when you’re reminded that insurance is due for renewal or there has been a bill you forgot about.

“Owning a house and car alone does result in lots of necessary correspondence and we can all forget things from time to time.

“Added to that children, pets, schools, house repairs and doctors’ appointments and it can all mount up”.

The research found call centres aren’t the only bone of contention – 28% of people loath having to complete online forms, with top complaints being ‘they take too long’ and ‘the internet crashing’.

The majority of respondents said it was easiest to carry out admin tasks online, although a quarter opted for the phone.

Though one in 12 insisted on dealing with companies face to face preferring to visit a branch, shop or office.

Other causes for stress when conducting family administration were having to search high and low for the necessary documentation.

Not surprisingly, 39% of us have missed important deadlines.

Failing to MOT the car, sending off tax returns and renewing the house insurance were among the most likely things Brits will forget.

An organised 81% claim to have all their important documents filed – although 30% of those said everything still gets lost.

But when quizzed on their whereabouts, one in five had no idea where their birth certificate was and one in ten wouldn’t be able to easily locate their passport. Marriage certificates and driving licences were also documents that had gone astray in many British homes.

So keen to sort their affairs, three in ten Brits have taken time off work, with the average employee taking off one and a half days in a typical year.


  1. MOT’ing your car
  2. Renewing passports
  3. Renewing home insurance
  4. Changing utility companies
  5. Renewing car insurance
  6. Filing a tax return
  7. Filing paperwork/bills
  8. Taxing the car
  9. Making changes to a TV / phone package
  10. Doing a price comparison for utilities
  11. Booking dentist check-ups
  12. Applying for a new job
  13. Getting around to getting quotes from tradesman to do jobs
  14. Getting an eye-test
  15. Making an insurance claim
  16. Shred paperwork/bills
  17. Putting things on ebay to sell
  18. Booking in the car for a service
  19. Querying a mobile phone bill
  20. Changing addresses on driving licence
  21. Changing email addresses
  22. Clearing out old clothes and taking to charity shop
  23. Order repeat prescriptions
  24. Look in to a pension
  25. Cancelling old subscriptions
  26. Checking through bank statements
  27. Paying credit card bills
  28. Arrange/sort will
  29. Doing the online food shop / weekly food shop
  30. Paying in cheques
  31. Small DIY tasks such as changing light bulbs
  32. Sorting old things for a car boot
  33. Updating your smart phone with the latest technology
  34. Booking booster injections for the family pets
  35. Renewing TV licence
  36. Print photos out
  37. Switching credit cards to low/0% interest rates
  38. Sending family birthday cards
  39. Change a will
  40. Taking the dog/cat to the vet for flea / worming treatment
  41. Changing mortgage companies / checking current rates
  42. Claiming PPI
  43. Booking a holiday
  44. Applying for vouchers / money off
  45. Getting a window –cleaner around
  46. Writing letters to the school
  47. Researching homework / school projects
  48. Kid’s injections
  49. Signing homework diaries
  50. Returning kid’s library books

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