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Most Popular Posts of 2015

Posted on the 01 January 2016 by Ec44 @ec_404
The year 2015 is over and we have had a great time. To bring this blog's first full year to a close we have analyzed all the 65 posts and created an overview of the most popular posts of 2015, divided by categories. Check it out below:
Top 3 Infographics Posts:
1. Australian Economy At a Glance (5344 views)
2. German Economy At a Glance (2305 views)
3. 10 Principles of Economics You Should Know (1829 views)
Top 3 Economics  Posts
1. Limitations of GDP as an Indicator of Welfare (2479 views)
2. Positive Externalities vs. Negative Externalities (2243 views)
3. The Law Of Supply And Demand (1231 views)
Top 3 Business Posts:
1. How to Ruin Your Startup in 7 Simple Steps (1275 views)
2. Why Do Firms Need Growth (277 views)
3. What Type of Entrepreneur Are You? (216 views)
Top 3 Dictionary Posts:
1. Tax Incidence (39 views)
2. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (26 views)
3. Adverse Selection (19 views)
In total we have counted 38'234 views up to this point. Thank you very much for all the support and positive feedback. We wish you all a happy new year and see you in 2016.

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