Morning Glory

Posted on the 23 May 2020 by Views She Writes @ViewsSheWrites

There is no better way to wake up than next to her. The only way I would like my sleep to be broken is by her. Her sweet scent hits me just as I slowly slip out of my sleep and the feel of her on my lips is just surreal. I never thought I would ever need to wake up without her by my side.

And that is why I never thought this day would come. It has been some time since she had not been the same and the morning routine started to change. There had been something wrong but by the time we figured it out, she was beyond saving.

Today, I am sitting by her, just watching her and thinking of all those mornings and the wonderful moments with her. This would be most difficult decision of my life, but it has to be done. She has lived her life to the fullest. It is time now to pull the plug. There is no sense delaying the inevitable. I cry as I do that.

This coffee maker had been the best that I had ever owned. Now the morning coffees would never be the same again.

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