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More Than Just the Wedding Cake

By Innstilettos
The wedding cake is such a symbol for weddings.  It's like trophy getting wheeled into the reception...covered in sugar perfection and candy embellishments.  But what happens when the bride really doesn't like cake?  As my lovely daughter has never really enjoyed this treat.  Hmmm.  Well you certainly cannot not have a five tier delectable pastry creation but it did get me thinking.
More Than Just  the  Wedding Cake
Why just have cake?  Now I have already blogged about the S'mores Bar and later this week I will have a fascinating blog about a woman who not only fell in love with S'mores during her visit to the United States but has brought the S'mores phenomenon to the country of Jordan.  She offers these goodies as wedding favors. So definitely, we will be adding the S'mores bar to Danielle's wedding.
More Than Just  the  Wedding Cake
Danielle liked the idea of cotton candy.  She knows how to hit below the belt because this is beyond a weak spot for me.  Second to loving my children, cotton candy is a super love of mine.  Her concern was that this spun sugar might look too carnival like.  So off to the races I went looking for an idea...what if the cotton candy was served on little sticks and served on lucite trays being passed around by waiters.  Kind of country shabby chic. 
More Than Just  the  Wedding Cake
Another idea would be to have chocolate covered pretzel sticks encrusted with fabulous nuts, M & M's and the like.  While the cake is traditional, chocolate covered pretzel sticks are fun to walk around with while mingling.  This could be a fabulous display of wonderful treats.
More Than Just  the  Wedding Cakeavailable on Etsy
Of course there is also, the diet minded people.  So after four months of watching what I eat I will not be participating in this four letter word.  However, it is a nice gesture to provide assorted sliced fruits, melon skewers, and creamy yogurt for dipping.  If you are wondering where I will find me at the S'more's bar....
More Than Just  the  Wedding Cake
Deborah Stilettos

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