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More Shopping at the Chelsea Flower Show

By Danielcarruthers

plastic wheelbarrow at the Chelsea Flower ShowI was very taken by the Karro Wheelbarrow. Lightweight, robust and durable with a large wheel (this always helps manoeuvring) it is made entirely from plastic. It weighs 9kg, has ergonomic handles, a low center of gravity and is very stable. What’s not to like? £140 and can be ordered through

burgon and ball gardening gloves in a belljar
red mechanix gardening gloves

Gloves are always of interest to gardeners – I have an enormous collection, many of which have holes in the fingers, so I think it is time to cull the less than perfect and invest in a few more. I came back from the show with a pair of MechanixWear womens’ leather-palmed gloves (£22) which are soft, comfortable and washable as well as extremely tough. The sizing is on the small side though so it’s best to buy larger than normal. Burgon & Ball always have innovative displays on their stand – their Love the Glove range (from £12.95) were displayed under glass domes. These gloves are ultra-soft but hardwearing, have padded palm and a wrist strap to keep debris out.

sneeboer garden stool

Sneeboer, makers of fine garden tools have had fun with one of their garden spades that they have fashioned into a stool – it’s not for sale, but I best they get lots of enquiries about it – so who knows, in the future it may be added to the range. Just the sort of thing the hipsters love!

trugmaker stand at the Chelsea Flower Show
trug parts in the process of being made
stack of trugs on display
tiny handmade trug

Trugs come in every shape and size and the Trugmaker’s Garden featured them in every shape and size. There are still two traditional trugmakers in East Sussex – the Truggery and They may look elegant but they are also tough as old boots and get better with age – I’ve had mine for eight years and it is gray with age but in perfect condition.
shepherds huts by Plankbridge

In July I will be staying in a shepherd’s hut in the Vosges Mountains – if it is half as luxurious as the Plankbridge hut (prices start at £15,021 plus vat) at the Show I will be very comfortable indeed – I suspect it will be a bit more basic, but more comfortable than a tent! The Plankbridge has double doors on the side and all mod cons within very beautiful and probably cheaper than an extension.

glass lampshade by Michael Ruh
As well as some beautiful glass vases (see previous post), Michael Ruh handmakes makes stunning glass lights. Prices reflect that they are as much works of art as functional objects – his work can be seen at

rope and swing made into a spiders web
impressive treehouse at the Chelsea flower show
One of the first things that caught my eye as I entered the show was the treehouse and climbing ropes tucked between two stands. They are made by

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