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More Racism

Posted on the 24 January 2012 by Mikeb302000
When you mix guns with racism, there is a far greater probability, a greater risk, that a targeted group of people for the profiling will be damaged in some way.  That can be arrest, or harassment, or being more likely to be shot.
That is why any profiling other than behavioral profiling should be a crime.
I will go further; I believe that when people have these prejudices, and preconceptions, they are more likely - either cop or civilian gun owner / carrier - to see a person they think of as 'other' instead of 'like themselves' as a threat.  And if they are more likely to see someone as a threat, they are more likely to shoot them, their preconceptions and misconceptions color their judgment, sometimes lethally.
We have less institutionalized racism, like that legalized under Jim Crow laws and segregation, but we still have it.  It is just less obvious, like the assumptions made about people as a group identified by race in the highly offensive comments made by Nut Gingrich, comments which appeal to his predominantly white, conservative, and gun-toting base.
Assumptions made about people, where a group is identified on the basis of their race, of the color of their skin, is racism.  It is racist politics, it is racist policing in the following story.  It appeals to conservatives, whether the targeted group is blacks or hispanic.  It appeals to an us-versus-them mentality, it appeals to fear.  It is predicated on treating people as stereotypes, instead of as individual human beings.  It is the antithesis of thinking people are good; it only believes people like ourselves are good and that people who are different are bad - or at least are more likely to be bad.
From :

FBI arrests 4 Conn. cops for alleged racial profiling

By Jonathan Dienst, Joe Valiquette and Shimon Prokupecz, NBCNewYork.comThe FBI arrested three police officers and one sergeant in Connecticut for allegedly mistreating Hispanic suspects and residents while on patrol, law enforcement officials said. Three East Haven police officers and the sergeant were taken into custody early Tuesday and are expected to be arraigned in federal court in Bridgeport later on the civil rights-related charges, the officials said.The officers were identified as Dennis Spaulding, David Cari, Jason Zullo and Sgt. John Miller.
Connecticut U.S. Attorney spokesman Tom Carson confirmed the arrests and said the charges would be outlined at a news conference in Bridgeport later Tuesday morning.
The East Haven Police Department has been under scrutiny for months amid allegations some officers mistreat people of color.The arrests come weeks after the Justice Department issued a report saying some members of the department intentionally targeted Latinos for enforcement and traffic stops, and that there may have been efforts to cover up the alleged misconduct.
The Justice Department also found "serious deficiencies" in how the department is managed, officials told NBC New York.Rev. James Manship is among those who worked to document what he said was harassment of Latino businesses by police for no apparent reason. Manship was arrested and locked up while videotaping one arrest. He was later released. Click here to read the original story on
The former chief of the East Haven Police has denied his department systematically engaged in any wrongdoing. But he acknowledged certain members of the department were being investigated.The New York FBI joined in the investigation to avoid any appearance of a conflict by the FBI Connecticut, which works closely with local police departments. An FBI New York spokesman declined to comment. There was no immediate comment from an East Haven police department spokesperson either.Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy commented on the allegations of racial profiling last week, saying, "As governor, I will continue to insist that every effort is taken to protect individual rights in every community,and that racial profiling is eliminated.”Some residents and civil rights groups have held vigils and rallies to protest the alleged police misconduct. Previous news reports suggested as many as 15 officers were under scrutiny for alleged misconduct.Connecticut U.S. Attorney spokesman Tom Carson confirmed the arrests and said the charges would be outlined at a news conference in Bridgeport later Tuesday morning.

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