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More Propaganda About Women Buying Guns

Posted on the 24 January 2012 by Mikeb302000

Local news in Tulsa OK reports that more women are getting into guns. The first bit of evidence for this claim is that in December, there were a  record number of background checks done in the NICS. That's been thoroughly debunked recently.  As a means of assessing gun sales it has serious flaws.
The next bit of statistical proof is a vague claim of 400% increase in a women's-only concealed carry class. This is just one class, and the original number of participants which supposedly increased so much was not mentioned.  Maybe it was 2, and now it's 8. 
In other words the whole article is blatant propaganda.  Why?  Well, in order to mainstream gun ownership by saying even the women are getting into it.  The truth is far from that.  Take the SHOT Show for example.  You know how the women who attended it were called: Booth Babes.  Check out TTAG, you can find dozens of them in spite of Robert Farago's New Year's resolution to quit using sex to sell his site.
What's your opinion? Is gun ownership basically a man's game? Yes or no.

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