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More on the Swiss Shooting

Posted on the 28 February 2013 by Mikeb302000
Further to Laci's  post
A longtime employee opened fire at a wood-processing company in central Switzerland on Wednesday, leaving three people dead, including the assailant, in the country's second multiple-fatality shooting in two months, police said.
Still, there have been several high-profile incidents over the years, including the killing of 14 people at a city council meeting in Zug, not far from Lucerne, in 2001. And in early January, a 33-year-old man killed three women and wounded two men in a southern Swiss village.
This post is in response to the comment left by Retired Mustang to Laci's post entitled "Breaking News--Another Swiss Mass Shooting" 
"Another" one? How many were there previously?
You see, this is one of the common pro-gun tricksask a seemingly legitimate question which implies that the person was lying or making things up.
As I often say, if these gun-rights folks really had a good argument they wouldn't have to resort to so many shabby tricks.
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